What is the TOTAL Wellness Program?

The TOTAL Wellness Program is a voluntary participatory wellness plan that can be added alongside any benefits package to immediately improve your employees healthcare regardless of their underlying health plan. Our portal helps employees by providing a variety of services aimed at improving health education, price transparency & access to care. Also, because of the tax benefits of the program, employees save an average of $150 per month they can use to improve their benefits package however they see fit!

The TOTAL Wellness Program is a type of Level Self Funded employee benefits known as a Wellness and Integrated Medical Plan Expense Reimbursement or "WIMPER". A WIMPER combines the participatory wellness incentives of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with the tax savings of Sections 125, 105b and 2013d to create a unique win, win scenario for employers and employees.

Employers partner with the TWP to deliver high quality benefits that drive down healthcare costs & attract/retain talent.

Employees enroll in the TWP to improve their overall health while instantly savings on taxes & out of pocket healthcare costs.


The CPA Journal Reviews WIMPER Plans

Published in January 2021 The CPA Journal
by Peter Karl & Dominick G. Mondi.

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