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What is the TOTAL Wellness Program?

The TOTAL Wellness Program is a type of Employee Benefit commonly referred to as a Wellness and Integrated Medical Plan Expense Reimbursement or "WIMPER". A WIMPER is a type of Wellness Program that combines the incentives of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with the tax savings of Sections 125 & 105b to create a unique win, win scenario for employers and employees. With over 200 digital healthcare touchpoints the TWP can be added to any existing benefits package without disruption.

Employers win because the TWP adds the latest digital care options to their benefits package helping attract & retain talent while simultaneously saving an average of $500+ per year per participant.

Employees enroll in the TWP to improve their overall wellbeing while instantly saving on taxes that they can reinvest in additional benefits of their choice!

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The CPA Journal Reviews WIMPER Plans

Published in January 2021 The CPA Journal
by Peter Karl & Dominick G. Mondi.

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