Not Your Average Wellness Program

The TOTAL Wellness Program or "TWP" from Safe Harbor Health was built to provide immediate savings while also addressing the root cause of long term healthcare cost increases. This is accomplished by prioritizing Employees physical, mental, and emotional health in a way that makes the employees willingly participate.

The TWP program drastically improves participation in company wellness because it simplifies what had been a very cumbersome process for both employer and employees into an easy to use app that helps you access healthcare information, transparency tools and medical services whenever and wherever you need them!

Click below to learn more about our Three-Tiered Approach to Employee Wellness:

Improved Preventive Health and

Chronic Disease Management

Focused Support To Keep Employees Healthier

With a variety of benefits including free telemedicine, mental health counseling, Prescription Rx program, chronic disease management & online wellness activities The TOTAL Wellness Program helps people continuously improve their personal health & lifestyle.

By providing easy to use educational tools as well as valuable preventive medical discounts & services through a user friendly portal our members can measurably improve both their physical & financial outcomes.

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Provide Leading Healthcare Cost Transparency

Helping Members pay less for quality Medical Services!

A major goal for Safe Harbor is to help bring sorely needed transparency to healthcare costs. This way people can save money on the services that keep them healthy. That's why we equip every member with the ability to locate affordable healthcare providers for Blood Work, Imaging, Surgical or Inpatient Services through our "Money Map" tool.

Safe Harbor has partnered with leading Telemedicine & Discount Rx providers to add additional savings on services people use every day without requiring they change their existing health plan.

Best of all? Every Member Benefit is accessible through our custom App with the tap of a button, INSTANTLY!

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Healthcare savings for all

Improved wellness helps everyone!

Beyond the tax savings members realize, our benefits help lower the cost of your healthcare by providing you tools and services that save time and money.

From shareable digital medical records to telemedicine, online mental health counseling or second opinion services, members have better access to preventive health and chronic disease management tools at no out of pocket cost to them. This makes members more likely to continue recommended treatments as well as to seek care when needed helping reduce claims for self insured groups over time.

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