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TOTAL Wellness Program



The TOTAL Wellness Program from Safe Harbor Health was designed to arm employees with the information and services needed to improve their physical, emotional and financial health. 

Our WIMPER Delivers valuable digital healthcare and resources including: Free Primary Telemedicine, 24/7 Nurse/Urgent Care line, Free Mental Health Counseling, Medical Concierge, Digital Health Records System, Patient Advocacy, Second Opinion Services, Prescription Discounts, Specialty Rx Program, Customized Workout Plans, Chronic Disease Management for a variety of conditions, Smart Device Integration, Editable Health Risk Assessment, Financial Planning Services, Wellness Challenges & much more!



Unlimited Primary Care Telemedicine

Our Telemedicine service connects you with state-licensed, fully credentialed doctors, via phone and video chat, to provide treatment and advice for common ailments, including colds, the flu, rashes and more 24/7,  365 days per year.

What Conditions can Telemedicine Doctors Treat?

allergies, fever, respiratory infections, asthma, sinus infections, bronchitis, cold, flu, skin inflammations & rashes, sore throat, digestive issues, joint aches & pain, urinary tract infections, and much more.

Online Meditation

Unlimited Mental Health Telecare

Our program works separately from your existing health insurance to provide a variety of additional mental health resources.

With options ranging from tele-visits to text coaching, self-guided care and online therapy Safe Harbor Health offers multiple ways for members to improve their mental health. 

Prescription Drugs

Prescription Discounts

Think about it, even with the best health plan, prescriptions can be expensive.

Our Discount Program is accepted at exceptional pharmacies nationwide – including major chains like CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walmart and many more. It may also be used in conjunction with, or completely in place of your insurance coverage.

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Affordable Healthcare Locator

Known pricing creates smart shopping.

Known pricing also creates competition. And with competition, the consumer wins every time with lower prices.

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Hospital Bill Eraser

Hospital Bill Eraser allows members to seek assistance when faced with large medical bills. 

The fact is over 70% of individuals and families in the US qualify for assistance paying medical costs. Hospital Bill Eraser helps simplify the process making it easier than ever to get the help you need!

Comforting Hands

Enhanced Employee Assistance Program

We provide support and assistance for challenges that go beyond behavioral health. We help with a full range of real-world, everyday problems. Problems that distract employees from working at their best. This approach results in significantly increased EAP utilization which reduces stress and enhances employee engagement.


Patient Advocacy

Safe Harbor knows that going through a medical procedure or fighting against a disease can be challenging enough. We are here to help ensure patients are treated fairly and understand their options throughout the process.

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Personal Electronic Medical Record

Our Hi-Trust Certified digital health records system allows members to store and share all of their personal medical records safely and securely with their loved ones and medical professionals as needed.

Online Class

Customized Plan For Wellness

After completing your Digital Health Risk Assessment you will receive a complimentary Plan For Wellness outlining the various qualifying medical services that best fit you and your specific needs.

You can then easily track your progress towards these goals using the TOTAL Wellness Program App/Portal.

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Chronic Disease Management

Our options include self guided courses as well as professionally monitored services. Safe Harbor believes that small, incremental improvements can provide long term benefits.

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Physician Matching Service

Our concierge service will help you locate and coordinate care for whatever condition or need you have.

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Wellness Seminars

Taught live, bi-weekly by a licensed or credentialed professional with over 150 wellness related topics including:

Anxiety & Depression

Sleep Improvement




& much more.

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Custom Exercise Programs

Designed for members of all ages and abilities, the TOTAL Wellness Program includes a variety of workout videos, stretching routines and informational videos designed to help improve outcomes for specific medical concerns by helping them meeting their fitness goals.

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Medical Bill Negotiation

Our care team will help negotiate your out of pocket cost for bills over $10,000. 

Smart Watch

Syncs To Wearables

Track workouts, steps and more from your Apple Watches to Fitbit, Samsung, Garmin, Koretrack or other leading wearable. The TOTAL Wellness Program App allows you to sync your wearable device to further integrate your wellness experience.  

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Medical Records Collection

Our care team will not only help coordinate care, they will collect your medical records and make sure they are passed to your treating physicians/medical team.


2022 Summary Benefits of Coverage (SBC)

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and much more!