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Why The TOTAL Wellness Program?

Implementing The TOTAL Wellness Program WIMPER saves employers an average of $523 per year per participating employee. And since the average enrollment is over 75%, you will see savings as well as improvements in retention, satisfaction and tenure.

In the long term, the TWP can also help reduce overall healthcare spending by 5-15% through improved education, inclusion and accessibility. In fact, a study on wellness showed an average savings of over $1,400 per year per participant year over year is attainable when the program is well designed and communicated to the employees.

Here's a short video highlighting why businesses will want to partner with Safe Harbor Health to offer the TOTAL Wellness Program:

Image by Christina @

Employees that choose to participate in the TOTAL Wellness Program gain access to over 200 digital healthcare services that will improve their healthcare education, access and affordability. As a byproduct of participation in the program, employees save an average of $1,840 per year in taxes that they can use to improve their benefits package however they see fit!

Here's a brief employee introduction to the TWP:

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Want to learn more about the TOTAL Wellness Program? Email us your questions. We're happy to help you!

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