Improving Healthcare Access With Technology

The TOTAL Wellness Program from Safe Harbor Health is a voluntary participatory wellness program known as a WIMPER. Our digital healthcare portal adds over 200 healthcare services to any benefits package without interrupting the employees current health plan or other benefits. Acting as a supplement to any health plan, the TOTAL Wellness Program significantly improves the employee healthcare experience while simultaneously lowering costs for everyone by focusing on preventive care, health education, price transparency & healthcare access.

What kind of savings are we talking about?

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Employers that implement the TOTAL Wellness Program save an average of $523 per enrollee & we currently average 75%+ Participation!

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Participating Employees save an average of $150 per month utilizing the TOTAL Wellness Program.

That is $1,800 per year to bolster their employee benefits package however they see fit!

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Employees enjoy 200+ digital medical services that improve their healthcare experience.

Employers can reduce and/or eliminate healthcare claims,

The TOTAL Wellness Program's educational and transparency resources for employees improve consumerism and healthcare understanding. This can result in 5-30% healthcare savings.


WIMPER plan makes headlines

Check out this CPA Journal article highlighting the advantages and benefits of a Wellness Integrated Medical Plan Expense Reimbursement plan or "WIMPER"