Improving Healthcare With Technology

The TOTAL Wellness Program from Safe Harbor Health is a marketplace of over 200 digital services that instantly improves healthcare price transparency & access for any employee benefits package without interrupting their existing benefits. Acting as a  Personal Health Advisor, the TOTAL Wellness Program is loaded with $0 copay Preventive Care, Chronic Disease Management & Mental Health tools that help make healthcare more personalized & affordable for every employee.

This results in measurable savings for both employees & employer not typically found in traditional wellness initiatives.

What kind of savings are we talking about?

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Employers that implement the TOTAL Wellness Program save an average of $523 per enrollee per year. We currently average 78%+ Participation with our employer groups.



Participating Employees save an average of $150 per month utilizing the TOTAL Wellness Program. That is $1,800 per year to bolster their employee benefits package however they see fit!


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